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The Secret of Success in Stock Trading or Forex

The Secret of Success in Stock Trading or Forex - There are many ways to financial success. When referring to Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant, there are actually four ways to make money, namely as an Employee, Self-Employed, Investor, and Business Owner. Each quadrant has different rules and paradigms. To move the quadrant, we need to learn again, adapt, and obey the rules of the game that apply to the new quadrant. Success in one quadrant is no guarantee of success in another quadrant.

One way to achieve financial success is by trading stocks or forex. There are two types of players in this quadrant. There are those who play stocks or forex only armed with determination and sure they can benefit, without equipping themselves with knowledge, techniques, effective strategies. This type of player is actually a gambler. Gamblers do not have sufficient knowledge, do not have a trading plan, they rely on trial and error. Because they only rely on trial, they often get errors and suffer losses.
Forex Secret

The second type, those who prepare themselves well. Before entering the world of stock or forex, they learn from the best trainers in this field. They are called traders / investors.

I often meet these two types of players. They came to see me, asked for help to be helped success and wealth from trading stocks and forex, becoming a Magnet of Money and Luck. For clients of the first type, I suggest they learn the correct trading of stocks and forex. I can't help them succeed if they don't know how to trade properly.

What's interesting is if you meet a second type of client. They have already spent a lot of money to study in various stock and forex trading workshops, both at home and abroad, but it is still difficult to make a profit.

What really happened?

In the book Quantum Life Transformation, I explain that for success, two components are needed, God Factor and Human Factor. I wrote it into the formula: God Factor X Human Factor = Success. I do not discuss God Factor because this is outside my scientific realm. Besides that, one's relationship with God is very personal in nature. On this occasion I will only discuss the Human Factor which consists of BE and DO.

BE includes self quality, mindset, belief, value. DO is an activity that people do to achieve goals. To successfully do DO, someone needs information, knowledge, and skills. This can be obtained through quality training and discipline following the trading plan. If you have done DO correctly, consistently, but still have not been able to profit, or even often suffer losses, you need to start searching for BE.

The condition that I usually find in stock / forex traders that results in their ineffective DO is, among others:
- do not have a clear goal and specific amount of profit desired. In other words, they don't determine how much is enough.
- do not have a trading plan.
- I already have a trading plan, but I can't (can) discipline to follow / follow the plan.
- fear of loss
- want to profit a lot in a short time
- can be profitable, but only a little.
- If you profit a lot, not long after, "wrong" buy shares, and experience a big loss so minus.
- too much analysis so you don't dare to do anything (paralysis of analysis)
- belief that does not support.

All the conditions above are symptoms of something more basic and very rarely known by people. I named it Mental Block. People do not know or are aware of the existence of Mental Block because it is stored and works in the depths of the subconscious mind (PBS) so that it is not known to the conscious mind.

A mental block is a program of thoughts that prevents a person from reaching his goal. This Mental Block strength is extraordinary, which is 99 times stronger than the will power.

There are two kinds of Mental Block: blocking on goals and strategies. What is meant by blocking a goal is the refusal of PBS to set goals or profit targets. While the blocking strategy is the rejection of PBS on the strategies or ways that will be used to achieve the goal.

Blocking works very smoothly and is not realized by individuals. But there are ways to check its existence, namely by examining yourself, carefully and honestly, is there an indicator in the form of feelings (emotions) uncomfortable, or an uncomfortable sensation in certain physical parts, or inner voice that speaks or says something negative ones related to goals and strategies.

If when you set a goal, imagine that you have achieved this goal, set a strategy, imagine doing this strategy and appear one, two, or even the three indicators above, here are instructions for Mental Block on your PBS.

Finding a mental block is one thing, overcoming it is another thing. Mental blocks cannot be overcome simply by praying or thinking positively, doing careful planning, or other things that people commonly do. Need specific techniques to be able to overcome the mental block quickly and thoroughly.

Overcoming Mental Block can be done in two ways. First, do a search on PBS and find the root of the problem. Second, without the need to find the root of the problem, but eliminate emotions or energy that is a source of Mental Block strength.

To be able to succeed in stock trading or forex, you need to improve the quality of your BE. How, first, you need to find and overcome Mental Block. Next, you need to reprogram PBS to support your trading and become a Magnet of Money and Luck.


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